Intellectual Property

Protecting one’s house and yard is something that is easily comprehensible to everyone. Protecting intellectual property rights, which are abstract and invisible, is less tangible, even for courts. Writing assignment and license agreements or enforcing them and protecting your intellectual property rights, like the creation thereof, requires equally creativity and technical understanding which our lawyers bring to the table. Because you can only reach your goal if you work together.

  • License agreements and assignment agreements for all intellectual property rights;
  • Agency agreements;
  • Trademark application, brand management and representation before the competent authorities;
  • Patent and trademark infringement proceedings;
  • Drafting of agreements to secure know-how protection and non-disclosure of business information;
  • Data protection under the Medicines Act/Regulation 726/2004 and enforcement in court. We can distinguish between AMG and AMG.

Foto: Copyless – US Patent – US2187246