Public law in the health sector

The old saying, where there is a monastery, there are also healers, a hospital and a pharmacy, no longer applies. Even in this field the necessary reglementation has taken place. Similar professions require different routs and professional licenses, we will help you to not lose the way.

  • Hospitals, sanatoriums, day clinics and pharmacies in the licensing procedure, including support in the “demand assessment procedure”;
  • Trade Act: obtaining licenses, establishing and registering business establishments up to the assessment of whether an activity falls within the Trade Act or not, such as chemical and medical laboratories;
  • Obtaining individual certificates of competence for the exercise of the activity of the managing director under the Trade Act;
  • Physician Act, Professional Code of Conduct Implications and laws governing other medical professions;
  • Borderline between physician activities and other medical activities;
  • Delegation authority and liability;
  • Pharmacy law;
  • On-line order of medicinal products, medical devices and food / dietary supplements;
  • Assistance for chemical and human medical laboratories;
  • Genetic Engineering Act, especially in the field of human genetic analyses;
  • Advice to labs offering life style analyses.

Foto: © Johanna Fiegl, Wien Museum